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Giving hope to UK pound dogs

Rescuing & Rehoming Unwanted Dogs


We have recently lost our webmaster so we are struggling to update the website. Please Note that we currently have NO dogs looking for homes. We will update again soon. Thanks for your support, all dogs on the site are no longer in need of homes.

This is Sausage, one of our new arrivals, saved from ‘death row’ at a UK pound. A beautiful, shy & scared boy, he has captured the heart of a very talented Artist, Di Bentley Di created this amazing portrait for Sausage, and it is as beautiful as he is. This portrait is to become a part of Once Loved Dog Rescue and will be the picture we use for our letter-heads and all our other literature. Thank you so much to Di Bentley, it is a wonderful tribute to Sausage and to all the other pound dogs who all deserve love and happiness. For more info about Sausage, please see this page: Sausage

If you can help an ex death row dog, we are in urgent, urgent need of foster carers. If you think you can help, please go to our fostering page and read the information there. Thank you.

Helping abandoned dogs to find permanent loving homes


Bel Mooney, Writer, Journalist, Columnist for The Daily Mail

Once Loved Dog Rescue was set up to help provide care, shelter and permanent homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs. Our work is mainly rescuing and rehoming dogs from UK dog pounds where it is common policy to destroy them after 7 days if they are not re-claimed. We are run entirely voluntarily. As an independent, self funding organisation, we do not have our own centre, but we rely instead on foster carers and boarding kennels. We have a non destruct policy.

All our dogs are assessed in a home environment, prior to rehoming, this helps to ensure that dogs and new homes are well matched.  All prospective homes are required to have a pre-adoption homecheck and post homechecks. We also ask for vet references, or alternative references if a potential adopter owns no other animals. All dogs are neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and de-flead before rehoming.

We provide lifetime rescue back up for our dogs after adoption, this means that if an adopter’s circumstances change, for whatever reason, and the dog can no longer remain in his or her home, the dog must come back to us. We are based near Yeovil in Lincs. As we are a small rescue, we like to keep homes as local as possible for home checking purposes. We will, however, consider rehoming to other areas.

Foster carers are urgently needed. Having more foster carers means saving more lives! Please click HERE to read more. If you think you can help by offering foster care to a homeless dog, please email sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk for a fostering application form. Or telephone 07773 76874

Donations are also always needed for vaccinations and vet treatment etc. The rescue is self-funded and receives no other financial help.

Donations will help us to cover costs as follows:

  • Vet treatment
  • Neutering/speying – All un-neutered/un-speyed dogs are speyed before they are rehomed.
  • Vaccinations – Dogs that come into our care are vaccinated immediately.
  • Emergency Boarding Fees – We do not have our own kennels, this means that some dogs (particularly those that come to us from a pound) are required to be placed into emergency boarding kennels for assessment, before they can be rehomed. They are also required to have a kennel cough vaccination in addition to usual vaccinations. Please consider making a donation. Thank you.

Rehoming – If you would like to offer one of our dogs a home, please contact us for a pre-adoption application form Email: sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk or telephone 07773 76874

All prospective homes will be required to have a pre-adoption home check and post home checks. You will also be required to sign an adoption agreement.

All dogs are neutered/speyed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and de-flead before they are placed into new homes.

Adoption Fee – We ask for an adoption fee of £150. This fee enables us to help more dogs in need.

Funds for emergency boarding fees urgently needed! We neuter, vaccinate and rehome all dogs, but we need help urgently with emergency boarding fees, as all our dogs have come from pounds and need to be placed into boarding kennels in order to be vaccinated and assessed before rehoming. If anyone can help, please consider making a donation either via paypal, address: sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk or if you would prefer to make a donation directly to the boarding kennels, please email sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk Anyone who makes a donation will receive regular updates, plus will receive proof of payment to the boarding kennels (if donation is made via paypal) Please help us to save one of these lovely dogs! Thank you.