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Bear, photo taken when he was at the pound

Bear had very little time left at the pound where he was on the put to sleep list. He now has a loving forever home and is thoroughly enjoying his life with his new adoptive ‘Mum’

Bear in his forever home

Bear is ace, and ace with other dogs, met a lab was about 2yrs and more than happy to play shoulder bargin and roll over and be rolled over by my little wonder-mutt :) yey!!! Many more dogs met since and he has not put one single paw out of place. He stays with me if i ask and generally looks to me to see if its ok to go to other dogs, good boy!

He is now walking close really nicely on the lead and i barely need to hold the lead with more than 2 fingers, hes so gentle.

Mo you were right, he is very much my dog, he will lie close to my other half on the couch if im at my desk and theres no where else comfy to sit, but apart from that he sits at the end of the kitchen if im in there, he comes out and sits on my lap when i have a ciggy in the conservatory (and a very good lap warmer he is too!).

Im positive that hes come from a home with children as he is golden with them, Bear will just carry on regardless around him, my other half’s niece who has 3 dogs  greeted him by giving him a big hug around his neck and he stood solid and gentle with her.

Amusing.. He is not a show dog though.. he enjoys his tricks and will play dead (if hes confused about what is being asked of him he generally rolls over dead), he does a very cute pretty beg, a full roll over and obviously lie and sit. ..However, if you ask him to preform these tricks for someones viewing pleasure he will generally complete all of the tricks he knows, but in the order he chooses and never in the order that i ask him too… he does like to appear daft to his intelligence. very amusing hound!

He is currently spinning in circles around the lounge chasing his tail, i believe this is my que to take him out for a walk.

Hugs n Licks from this end.

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