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Giving hope to UK pound dogs


Beautiful little Belle, red staffie spayed female. Belle was on death row at the pound having very recently just had pups. Her pups were sadly not with her when she found herself at the pound. Belle went into foster care and has now been rehomed with a loving family, she is doing extremely well and blossoming in her new home and we wish her and her new family all the very best for the future.

Belle's pound photo


Belle’s photos in her new home. Here is a message from her new adoptive family:
Belle is wonderful and so obedient and things are quickly falling into place. With regard to Belle and Mia (the whippet) we have made an appointment with our trainer and have gone through methods to get Mia (mainly) confident with Belle. Belle isn’t the problem, she would like to play with Mia but we think due to her stocky build Mia gets a little bewildered. We are confident that they will soon all be the best of friends. We are all so glad to have Belle as part of the family – she is as good as gold.

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