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Georgie came to us having been in kennels for a long time. She was desperately in need of some home comforts and she soon became a happy and content little dog and thrived in foster care. She has now found a loving forever home, and a new doggie ‘brother’ Wishing you all our love and lots of happiness in your new home Georgie.

Message from Georgie’s new Mum..

Georgie is an absolute gem and they have hardly stopped playing since we
brought her home, they were both so shattered last night they didn’t
want their bedtime walk!
It is as if she has been with us for always, she has found her
favourtite chair…likes to take all of barneys toys and chews off him
and then pokes him in the side with whatever she’s pinched so he will
chase her to get it back!
She met the children on Friday and they absolutely adore her, she is
perfect for Hollie our youngest who loves to cuddle, georgie was in her
element and was so gentle with all of them.
She showed a little jealousy of the cats if they came near us when she
is laying on our knees but the cat has had a ‘little word’ with her and
the pecking order has been restored.
When Jack said she slept on the bed he wasn’t totally honest…..the
first night we had her she was asleep on the foot of the bed and I
popped out to the loo and when I came back she had gone, I assumed she
had gone into her basket….but when I pulled the duvet back there she
was head on pillow and very comfy….she was like a lead weight to move.
All in all we are totally in love with her and she is as happy as I
think any dog can be. When I can keep them still I will email you some
photies, I have some ‘action shots’ I took last night so I will get them
off the camera and send to you hopefully this evening.
Thank you for letting us bring her into our family.

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