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Honey pound photo

Honey came to us from a pound where she had ‘run out of time’ Honey has now found her forever home and is very happy with her new family and the cats in her forever home.

Honey in her forever home
Message from her adoptive Mum: I took Honey to the beach for the first time yesterday – she loved it, and rushed right into the water – after her ball of course.
She’s been very good with the cats – and I think has worked out that they’re boss – got a cuff from the old tom who’s taken up residence,and didn’t retaliate, so that’s good. Tilly the tabby just wants to kiss her!
I’ve left her at home for a couple of times – just for short periods, and she’s ok – not impressed, but settles down and doesn’t destroy the place.

She really is such a lovely dog - I just can’t understand how she could have been abandoned, because she’s been well trained, and it doesn’t seem as if she’s been badly treated. Best Wishes


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