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Lily, photo taken when she was at the pound

Beautiful Lily, who was abandoned at the pound, like so many other poor staffies. Lily was with Once Loved Dog Rescue for four months before she found her forever home. She had interest, but oddly, the homes kept falling through and didn’t work out for her. They say everything happens for a reason, and it was certainly true in this case. The lady who gave Lily her permanent home eventually found her, and it was clearly meant to be! Lily is now with her new adoptive ‘Mum’ and they are both enjoying each-others company immensely. We are so happy for lovely Lily, she is such a special little dog.

Lily in foster care…

Lily in her forever home…

Message from Lily’s new ‘Mum:

Hello, Sophie,
Things are going really, really well with Lil, she is just the most amazing little dog. I think she’s settling in really well, and, if it doesn’t sound too weird, I think she’s got an amazing amount to her: I think she’s very sensitive, and although she is very cool about everything, I think she’s gradually becoming more and more relaxed and more herself.
She is such a wonderful little character – and she is, as you said, a very, very funny dog (intentionally and unintentionally).
I think she’s having a pretty good time living here: she’s amazingly sociable, with dogs and people, she’s fine off the lead, very playful with other dogs (whose owners so far have generally really appreciated it – they often say their dogs get a really good workout as Lil plays tag with them, etc. She gets on particularly well with a giant black poodle called Roland who’s also about 18 months old and is very boisterous and cheerful). She is also looking absolutely beautiful: I’ve been feeding her ridiculously expensive food (recommended by the vet, who she gets on so well with that she sometimes wants to pop in for a visit when we’re just passing..), and she’s slim, sleek and glossy – we’re always getting comments about how pretty she is…
I just have to say that she’s also been absolutely brilliant and very gentle/patient/relaxed with friend’s small children, niece, nephews, etc. She is (as you said), a very, very special dog.

Hello, Sophie,
A very, very quick one, as I shall be back in touch soon with pictures of the gorgeous Lil. As it’s a year today that Lily’s lived here, I thought I’d send a quick message to say hello, hope you’re all well, and thank you for rescuing/looking after my lovely brilliant little dog and keeping her safe until we found each other.
Anyway, just to say in the meantime, we’re both very, very well, have just got in from fantastic 2 hour walk, Lily is the toast of our local area and has more human and canine friends than I can keep up with (I just follow with her bags as she is greeted by her admirers)….

It has been a fantastic year, I don’t know how I managed without her…

Lily sends her love, but is now snoring.
Very, very best wishes,
T & L xxxx

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