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Tia Perfect Calm Pint Sized Snuggle Bug

Tia has now been rehomed

Tia is a beautiful little red staffie girl pint sized snuggle bug! Aged around 6 years old. She is a darling girl, and is a joy to her foster carer. Here is what her foster carer has to say about Tia “Tia is totally perfect. She never pulls on the lead. She likes to have a fuss made of her when we are out but never jumps up, fine with every dog we meet and children too. Loves her cuddles. Happy to go in the crate. She only goes in there when I go to work but she sleeps in my bed:)”

Tia came from a pound originally and was due to be put to sleep due to lack of space as is the case with so many staffies in pounds around the country :(

Tia would be the perfect companion for someone, she is a small, dinky little staffie with such a sweet, calm, and loving temperament.





Tia can live with another dog but she likes her toys to be hers, and doesn’t much feel like sharing them with another dog, so her adopter would have to ensure there were no toys lying around! Other than her toys though, she has lived with another dog and was happy to share her space, the car (and the sofa) with another dog. Tia can’t live with cats though as like many dogs she will want to chase them. We are also looking for a home for Tia with older children, over the age of 8 years.


If you think you could offer Tia the home she’s looking for, please contact Sophie at Once Loved Dog Rescue for an adoption application form.

Email sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk or telephone 07773 76874 before 7pm please.

Please note, if we are unavailable to take your call, we will call you back, but please leave a landline number where possible. Mobile phones are expensive for us to call back. Thank you.

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