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We got a call from someone about a male staffie boy who had been kept in a cage for so long that his claws were horribly overgrown and he was covered in his own mess. A member of the public had noticed this dog, and taken pity. The owner didn’t want the dog, so he took the dog home and had his claws cut. He took him out for a walk, and he had been in the cage for so long that his feet bled. The poor boy! He couldn’t keep Woody though, even though he would have loved to, so we were contacted and Woody was placed with one of our foster carers.

Woody is now living life to the full. He found his forever home with a couple in the westcountry. Here is a message from his forever ‘Mum’

We are absolutely loving our new little family with woody hes definitely completed us, we have taken millions of pics so i hope u get them with this,hes definitely a star in the village and everyone remembers him at the car boots, it takes us twice as long to get round with everyone talking to him bless saying how beautiful he is, hes loving going for walks and deciding which room to sleep on at night but his favourite is to sneak up the covers between me and us and having a cuddle, hope that everthing is ok and that you like woodys pics, thank you so much again.

Woody in his forever home…

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