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Poppy The Water Baby Boxer Cross Female 2 years old Approx

Aren’t I beautiful!

The all new Poppy profile! For those of you who may have looked at Poppy’s profile in the past, look again! Poppy has been moved to a more suitable foster home for her, and now in the best hands,  the real Poppy has revealed herself :)

Poppy is a spayed Boxer X Staffie girl, aged approximately 2 years old.  Poppy came to us from a pound She was found wandering the streets by a member of the public and she almost got hit by a car. When she was found she had obviously had pups no more than two weeks previously, but she was found alone without her puppies :(

Poppy was in a poor state when she went into foster care but has gained weight and blossomed into the beautiful dog she is now. She is an absolute joy to our foster carers, Poppy quickly settled into her new foster home. She is great with other dogs and is  living with 4 other dogs in her foster home, both male and female.





Thank you for washing my ears!

Poppy spent a very long time in kennels before she went to her first foster home. She was said to lunge and bark at people and other dogs during her time there. But since we’ve moved her to a new foster home, she hasn’t shown any of that behaviour in any way whatsoever. We know from experience, that sometimes there can be a mis-match with foster carer and dog, and Poppy is doing amazingly in her new foster home. She has never lunged or barked at anyone in her new foster home, be it people or dogs! She is friendly and sweet with everyone she meets, she loves other dogs, as you can see by her photos! The photo of Poppy having her ears washed by one of her friends is just so sweet.

It’s ok! I helps you! I carrys the horsey’s bowl!

Poppy even likes horses, and loves to make herself useful by helping out at the stables by carrying the horses’ food bowls! How adorable is that?!












Group hug!

We are looking for a home without cats as we don’t know what she would be like with a cat. Poppy could also be homed to a family with teen aged children. She is quite a big, strong girl and therefore she would be too big for really young children. Poppy would do best in a home with someone who enjoys lots of walks and the outdoors, she has lots of energy and although she isn’t a ‘dizzy busy’ dog in the home, and loves curling up for a cuddle, she thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and she is also a total water baby, and loves to splash around in any available water :) as you can see from this video. Enjoy!

Poppy is being fostered in the Bedfordshire area.

If you think you could give Poppy the loving forever home she is looking for,

Please contact Sophie at Once Loved Dog Rescue for an adoption application form.

Email sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk or telephone 07773 76874 before 7pm please.

Please note, if we are unavailable to take your call, we will call you back, but please leave a landline number where possible. Mobile phones are expensive for us to call back. Thank you.

We aren’t rehoming any dogs over the christmas period, we will be rehoming again after January 1st 2013. But if you are interested in Poppy, you can email us for possible adoption after that date.


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