Beautiful Maddie. She was handed into Once Loved as her owner couldn’t keep her anymore due to a change in circumstances. Maddie was put into boarding kennels in an emergency situation. She then went to her foster home and her foster carers fell in love with her. They have adopted Maddie and she now has a secure and happy future.

Here is Maddie in her forever home :)











Chloe at the pound

Chloe is a beautiful staffie cross, who was on death row at the pound, (photo taken at the pound)






Just look at the difference in Chloe after she arrived at Once Loved :)








Home sweet home

Chloe went into a foster home with our most loved foster carer, and there she will stay! Our foster carer completely fell for Chloe, hook, line and sinker! Chloe really landed on her paws and will have the best home a dog could ever ask for with our lovely Tsara and her partner Stuart. Thank you both more than we can say for helping so many of our dogs, and we wish you and Chloe many years of happiness together.
















Sir Percival

Sir Percival's pound photo

Sir Percival ex ‘death row’ pound light brindle staffie male.  Sir Percival is named in keeping with our Arthurian legend theme! And is named after one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table. We think the name suits him! He arrived at his foster home, and we quickly realised he wasn’t going to be going anywhere in a hurry :) His foster home have now adopted him.. Welcome home Sir Percival! We wish you every happiness and all our love to you and your forever family (Photo below: Sir Percival with his two new pals, who were also adopted from Once Loved Dog Rescue. What a handsome trio! xx)


Beautiful little Belle, red staffie spayed female. Belle was on death row at the pound having very recently just had pups. Her pups were sadly not with her when she found herself at the pound. Belle went into foster care and has now been rehomed with a loving family, she is doing extremely well and blossoming in her new home and we wish her and her new family all the very best for the future. Continue reading



Lily, photo taken when she was at the pound

Beautiful Lily, who was abandoned at the pound, like so many other poor staffies. Lily was with Once Loved Dog Rescue for four months before she found her forever home. She had interest, but oddly, the homes kept falling through and didn’t work out for her. They say everything happens for a reason, and it was certainly true in this case. The lady who gave Lily her permanent home eventually found her, and it was clearly meant to be! Lily is now with her new adoptive ‘Mum’ and they are both enjoying each-others company immensely. We are so happy for lovely Lily, she is such a special little dog.

Continue reading



Zak is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy aged approximately 3 years old, who came to us from a pound. He was as good as gold while he was in foster care with us. He was wonderful with other dogs and as soft as butter, both with people, adults and children and other dogs. He was adopted by a lovely lady in Devon who adores him. He has a staffie ‘sister’ now too, and the two dogs adore eachother. Thank you to Becky for giving Zak such a fantastic home!  Continue reading



We got a call from someone about a male staffie boy who had been kept in a cage for so long that his claws were horribly overgrown and he was covered in his own mess. A member of the public had noticed this dog, and taken pity. The owner didn’t want the dog, so he took the dog home and had his claws cut. He took him out for a walk, and he had been in the cage for so long that his feet bled. The poor boy! He couldn’t keep Woody though, even though he would have loved to, so we were contacted and Woody was placed with one of our foster carers.

Woody is now living life to the full. He found his forever home with a couple in the westcountry. Here is a message from his forever ‘Mum’ Continue reading

Gypsy & Rosie

Gypsy & Rosie in their forever home

Gypsy is a beautiful 1 year old Labrador cross female, medium collie size, who came to us from a pound. Rosie, a 3 year old staffie female was also abandoned at the pound, and both girls went into foster care together, where they became friends. Gypsy and Rosie have both been rehomed to a permanent home together. We are so happy that they have been given the opportunity to share a new life together. Continue reading