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Sometimes, there is a dog that breaks your heart more than others. Tia is one of these dogs. This poor love is recovering from an operation to remove cancerous lumps from her teats. She has had 3 teats removed. The vet is happy that they got all the cancer out, but this poor angel was recovering from her op in kennels. We have now found a foster space for Tia, in the Brighton area. Tia will recuperate in her foster home and then she will be looking for a forever home.

Tia can live with other dogs but she can be a bit toy possessive. However, she is NOT possessive over anything else, she has lived with another dog, and Tia was absolutely fine and not possessive about her bed, her carers or sharing her space in the car with another dog. It is ONLY TOYS that she’s possessive about. Although we always advise that any dogs are NOT fed in the same room, as that’s just common sense with any dogs together. We are also looking for a cat free home, as she can’t be tested with cats – Tia is an ex pound dog with no previous history before she came to us, so we will be looking for a home without small children. Teenagers would be fine.

You can follow Tia’s progress on this page, so please check back for updates. When Tia is available for rehoming, we will post her details in the ‘Our Dogs’ section.








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