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Where to buy the best dog ID tags in the whole world!

Heidy Clark, Birdie Road Creations

Birdie Road Creations Shop Etsy

I don’t usually promote anything on this page, other than maybe the odd thing that I think is fab, but the lady who made this dog ID tag for our boy, Dillon, is exceptional. She has a ton of rescue dogs and parrots and she is such a kind, sweet lady :)

I wanted to buy something lovely for my husband, Anthony, and as his most favourite thing in the world is our boy Dillon, (and yep, sometimes I think more favourite to him than I am lol!) I wanted to get him something that Dillon could wear, and as Dillon is getting on in years and has Addisons disease, he’s not going to be around forever :( So I wanted something that Anthony could wear too, something that had belonged to Dillon after he’s gone to the rainbow bridge.
I found this wonderful shop called Birdie Road Creations on Etsy. The lady who runs it is called Heidy and she makes the most gorgeous dog tags and things for people too. http://www.yahoo.com/listing/108334262/music-speaks-pendant-1-14-inchpet-tag?

I ordered this tag for Dillon, with Dillon’s name engraved on it. Heidy will make whatever you want, engraved with whatever you want too.

I chose this one because my husband is a musician, but take a look at Heidy’s shop, she’s got lots of lovely ones to choose from! Like these  for instance…





Or this one!








Here’s Dillon wearing his tag, and a link to the tag at Heidy’s shop. This is the photo I sent Heidy of Dillon wearing his tag, and Heidy edited the photo to give it lovely soft edges, then she featured Dillon wearing his tag in her shop! Famous Dillon lol! :)


Not only did Heidy put her heart and soul into making Dillon’s tag, she also made me a beautiful pendant and necklace with my name on it, to thank me for my work rescuing dogs. Bless you Heidy! Anthony and Dillon LOVED their present, and I love mine! xx

So if anyone wants a special pressie from a special lady, go and visit Heidy at Birdie Road Creations :) Heidy ships to the UK and all over the world. The service she gives is fantastic, with such attention to detail.

Birdie Road Creations Shop Etsy

Once Loved Dog Rescue Closing

Good bye from Betsy & Fred, the loves of my life

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Once Loved Dog Rescue is closing its doors. This is due to a health issue that I have. My condition will hopefully get easier over time, but it is one that I will only ever be able to manage, but I will never be free of it.

The last dog in the rescue who is in need of a home is Poppy. She is now in a new foster home after spending way too long in kennels. She is having some chill out time in her foster home, but then she will be needing a forever home. You can see Poppy’s profile and photos here: http://oncelovedrescue.org.uk/poppy-boxer-cross-staffordshire-bull-terrier-1-2-years-old/

The past four years have been the best, (and at times, the worst!) of my entire life. It’s a cliche, but I wouldn’t change a second of it. I have been the happiest, saddest, angriest, most inspired, in love with, that I’ve ever been during the years I’ve been running Once Loved. I’ve been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful people and dogs, and I consider those people lifelong friends. I have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and support, and on the flip side, I’ve also been more pissed off than I can ever put into words by the ignorance of people who add to the stray dog problem in this country.

Although I am having to depart the world of dog rescue, it won’t ever be completely; I will keep my eye on what’s going on, and help where I can, but in a very small, ‘non rescue person’ kind of a way. I have to do things that way.  I have needed a complete break from all of it lately, for the sake of my health. But maybe one day, when I’m strong enough to take on the stress of running a rescue, I will return. I can’t say how things will pan out. For now, I’m involved in things that aren’t stressful in the same way as dog rescue; I’m making things, and selling vintage things, I’m having to concentrate on making a bit of money to give to my lovely husband as I can’t go out to work due to my health. If you want to follow what I’m doing, you can visit my blog. I’m trying not to let it be dogs, dogs, dogs, but it’s already getting more ‘doggie’ by the day LOL!


There are so many people I would like to thank, but I’d be here all day, and as you all know how completely ditsy I am,  I’d probably forget someone and I’d hate to do that!  But you know who you are. Thank you. I love you all so much.

Sophie xxx

The heartbreaking truth for death row dogs

His last days on earth may be the saddest he has known. He is in a cold concrete kennel with no windows to look out of and no grass to sniff or run on. Bleach, urine and faeces are all he can smell. He is surrounded by many other dogs who are all going crazy in tiny, cold, dim cells and all are literally on death row. They have all been brought here to the kennels because they have been picked up by the council’s dog warden as strays.

Some will have owners who will claim them and they will go home but most are here because nobody wants them. I doubt if this dog will be claimed; he’s the “wrong” shape, size and colour. He’s “just” another Staffy/Staffy cross amongst thousands in pounds up and down the country.

He has nothing to stimulate him in here so he barks until his throat is sore. Soon he may begin spinning round and round again and again just because it’s something for him to do. He may even begin chewing his tail out of frustration and boredom.

You may wonder why he may be about to die? So do I. He is not aggressive and is perfectly healthy. Someone will decide if he is a “prohibited” breed and if he is, he will be killed. If he passes this test he will be kept for seven days and then, if unclaimed he can be killed regardless of his breed. I need to leave now. I’m standing on the other side of the pen staring into his eyes and wondering what I can do to help him. He licks my finger.

I’m here at the dog pound to see if I can get him a space in a dog rescue group. They are all bursting at the seams they say but that’s not quite true. If this dog was a different shape, maybe a Poodle or Labrador shape I could get him a space with ease. In fact I could find him a good forever

home quickly. But he’s not. All I can do today is take him into the outdoor concrete yard and throw a ball around for him to chase. I think about how pathetic we are. Me because I somehow think those ten minutes chasing a ball will help him and him because of his trust in me and need for a cuddle. This dog needs more than a ball or hug.

Once upon a time in his brief life he had a mother who cared for him and maybe brothers and sisters too. I have no idea when he was taken from his mum but it’s likely that he was taken from her much too early before he’d learned all about being a young dog. Is she still having pups? Are his brother’s and sister’s in other pounds? He has had a few cuddles from someone because he loves being cuddled by me in this concrete 12ft sq yard with bare floors and high walls. He buries his head into my chest with complete trust.

He may have had many owners too, increasing his sense of instability. Maybe he was used for dog fighting? Maybe he was too gentle to fight and therefore abandoned? He does have something: a number on his kennel door. This is his entire identity. It will be how he will be known by the vet who kills him. This number is not really his as it will be the identity of the next dog put in this cell within hours of him leaving for his last journey.

Maybe I can help him but more importantly maybe you can help him and many others like him. Could you offer a home to a rescue dog? Could you offer a foster space to a dog so that we can buy them some extra days before a permanent home can be found?


Chloe at the pound

Please scroll down for updates. Chloe is a beautiful staffie cross pup. We think she looks to be around 6-8 months old, but we won’t know for sure until she is with us. Chloe is currently in the pound, (photo taken at the pound) but we are organising transport to get her out of the pound, and she will be arriving with Once Loved Dog Rescue very soon.

Chloe won’t be available for rehoming straight away, she needs to spend 2 weeks in isolation kennels first, and we of course need to find out all about her character and what home she would be best suited to,  but please check back for updates about this lovely girl. What a heartbreaker she is, just look at that face! If you are interested in adopting Chloe when she’s ready, and would like to be kept up to date on her progress, please email sophie@oncelovedrescue.org.uk

Update 15th August 2012

Chloe has arrived, and what a sweetheart she is. Yesterday we took her for her health check and first vaccination. She was an absolute star! She was great in the car on the way to the vets, and behaved beautifully for the vet during her examination and vaccination. Chloe was waggy tailed at the other dogs in the waiting room, and loves everybody. She’s just a joy to be around! Such a gorgeous natured young girl. The vet estimated her age at between 14-18 months old. She is a graceful long legged girl and she has a lovely long tail. We think she is possibly Staffie x Whippet.

Chloe will be fully assessed with other dogs after she’s had her 2nd vaccination in 2 weeks time, but we know that she wants to be friends with other dogs, and also she was in a kennel with another dog at the pound, so we don’t think there will be any problems with Chloe and other dogs. But do check back again to see how she is getting on.









Here is a little video clip of Chloe, and you can see just how loving she is from this clip…

Sir Percival

Sir Percival's pound photo

Sir Percival ex ‘death row’ pound light brindle staffie male.  Sir Percival is named in keeping with our Arthurian legend theme! And is named after one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table. We think the name suits him! He arrived at his foster home, and we quickly realised he wasn’t going to be going anywhere in a hurry :) His foster home have now adopted him.. Welcome home Sir Percival! We wish you every happiness and all our love to you and your forever family (Photo below: Sir Percival with his two new pals, who were also adopted from Once Loved Dog Rescue. What a handsome trio! xx)


Beautiful little Belle, red staffie spayed female. Belle was on death row at the pound having very recently just had pups. Her pups were sadly not with her when she found herself at the pound. Belle went into foster care and has now been rehomed with a loving family, she is doing extremely well and blossoming in her new home and we wish her and her new family all the very best for the future. Continue reading



Lily, photo taken when she was at the pound

Beautiful Lily, who was abandoned at the pound, like so many other poor staffies. Lily was with Once Loved Dog Rescue for four months before she found her forever home. She had interest, but oddly, the homes kept falling through and didn’t work out for her. They say everything happens for a reason, and it was certainly true in this case. The lady who gave Lily her permanent home eventually found her, and it was clearly meant to be! Lily is now with her new adoptive ‘Mum’ and they are both enjoying each-others company immensely. We are so happy for lovely Lily, she is such a special little dog.

Continue reading



Zak is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy aged approximately 3 years old, who came to us from a pound. He was as good as gold while he was in foster care with us. He was wonderful with other dogs and as soft as butter, both with people, adults and children and other dogs. He was adopted by a lovely lady in Devon who adores him. He has a staffie ‘sister’ now too, and the two dogs adore eachother. Thank you to Becky for giving Zak such a fantastic home!  Continue reading



We got a call from someone about a male staffie boy who had been kept in a cage for so long that his claws were horribly overgrown and he was covered in his own mess. A member of the public had noticed this dog, and taken pity. The owner didn’t want the dog, so he took the dog home and had his claws cut. He took him out for a walk, and he had been in the cage for so long that his feet bled. The poor boy! He couldn’t keep Woody though, even though he would have loved to, so we were contacted and Woody was placed with one of our foster carers.

Woody is now living life to the full. He found his forever home with a couple in the westcountry. Here is a message from his forever ‘Mum’ Continue reading

Gypsy & Rosie

Gypsy & Rosie in their forever home

Gypsy is a beautiful 1 year old Labrador cross female, medium collie size, who came to us from a pound. Rosie, a 3 year old staffie female was also abandoned at the pound, and both girls went into foster care together, where they became friends. Gypsy and Rosie have both been rehomed to a permanent home together. We are so happy that they have been given the opportunity to share a new life together. Continue reading