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This is Sausage, and as you can see from this photo, taken in the pound, he’s a very frightened little lad. Sausage is moving to emergency boarding kennels today – February 8th 2013. From there he will be assessed and then we will be looking for a suitable foster home for him. At the moment, Sausage is just absolutely terrified of everything. Who knows what his story is :( But we are sure that in time he will start to come out of his shell once he realises he is safe and loved. One of the pound staff named him Sausage as it took him a long time to take a piece of Sausage that the pound kennel staff offered him, that’s how scared he is, poor lad.

Please check back for updates on Sausage’s progress.

Update 14th February 2013

Sausage has arrived in emergency boarding kennels where he will be fully assessed and vaccinated. He is still nervous but he is eating well and getting used to his surroundings. Sausage will be assessed after he has had his 2nd vaccination and then he will go into a foster home. He is a gorgeous, gentle and kind boy, takes treats so gently and was so well behaved when he was transported to the kennels, and also when he went to the vet for his first vaccination.

Here is Sausage on the way to boarding kennels from the pound….








This beautiful, shy & scared boy has also captured the heart of a very talented Artist, Di Bentley  Di created this amazing portrait for Sausage, and it is as beautiful as he is. This portrait is to become a part of Once Loved Dog Rescue and will be the picture we use for our letter-heads and all our other literature. Thank you so much to Di Bentley, it is a wonderful tribute to Sausage and to all the other pound dogs who all deserve love and happiness.

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