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Heidy Clark, Birdie Road Creations

Birdie Road Creations Shop Etsy

I don’t usually promote anything on this page, other than maybe the odd thing that I think is fab, but the lady who made this dog ID tag for our boy, Dillon, is exceptional. She has a ton of rescue dogs and parrots and she is such a kind, sweet lady :)

I wanted to buy something lovely for my husband, Anthony, and as his most favourite thing in the world is our boy Dillon, (and yep, sometimes I think more favourite to him than I am lol!) I wanted to get him something that Dillon could wear, and as Dillon is getting on in years and has Addisons disease, he’s not going to be around forever :( So I wanted something that Anthony could wear too, something that had belonged to Dillon after he’s gone to the rainbow bridge.
I found this wonderful shop called Birdie Road Creations on Etsy. The lady who runs it is called Heidy and she makes the most gorgeous dog tags and things for people too. http://www.yahoo.com/listing/108334262/music-speaks-pendant-1-14-inchpet-tag?

I ordered this tag for Dillon, with Dillon’s name engraved on it. Heidy will make whatever you want, engraved with whatever you want too.

I chose this one because my husband is a musician, but take a look at Heidy’s shop, she’s got lots of lovely ones to choose from! Like these  for instance…





Or this one!








Here’s Dillon wearing his tag, and a link to the tag at Heidy’s shop. This is the photo I sent Heidy of Dillon wearing his tag, and Heidy edited the photo to give it lovely soft edges, then she featured Dillon wearing his tag in her shop! Famous Dillon lol! :)


Not only did Heidy put her heart and soul into making Dillon’s tag, she also made me a beautiful pendant and necklace with my name on it, to thank me for my work rescuing dogs. Bless you Heidy! Anthony and Dillon LOVED their present, and I love mine! xx

So if anyone wants a special pressie from a special lady, go and visit Heidy at Birdie Road Creations :) Heidy ships to the UK and all over the world. The service she gives is fantastic, with such attention to detail.

Birdie Road Creations Shop Etsy

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